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R-Rated Popcorn

R-Rated Popcorn







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Episode 35

Scream 4

Was Scream 4 awesome or a dud? Did it successfully revive the franchise? Join Pete, Dae, and Amanda as they answer these questions and discuss their favorite scary movies.


Episode 34

Your Highness

Dae, Amanda and Pete talk about the fantasy adventure comedy, Your Highness, as well as favorite movies featuring various actors from the movie.


Episode 33

Win Win

Join Pete, Dae, and Amanda as they chat about the indie flick Win Win staring Paul Giamatti. They also take a moment to discuss the age old question: What movie should they see this weekend?


Bonus Feature

Miss Marple Debacle

If you follow Amanda on Twitter, you've read her rantings about the upcoming Miss Marple movie starring Jennifer Garner. Listen here as she explains to Pete and Dae exactly why the thought of this movie makes her want to murder someone.


Episode 32

Source Code

Amanda, Pete and newcomer Tim discuss a riddle that is wrapped inside of a mystery that is enclosed in a conundrum that is Source Code.


Episode 31

Sucker Punch

Pete, Dae, and Amanda peel through the many layers of Sucker Punch to reach nirvana.... for 13-year-old boys. (The third layer is a sensuous, intoxicating dance; the second layer is a... wait... the second layer is the dance, and...)


Episode 30

The Adjustment Bureau

In this podcast the gang reviews The Adjustment Bureau, a school bus full of children crashes, and Pete gets double teamed and likes it...wait, what?


Episode 29

Take Me Home Tonight

Pete and Amanda review Topher Grace's newest offering, Take Me Home Tonight, and discuss their favorite...well...they couldn't even figure it out. Looks like Topher has moved on from that 70's show to be in an 80's movie!


Episode 28

Drive Angry

Join Pete and Dae as they cover Ghost mean Drive Angry. Whatever. Nicholas Cage escapes from Hell. Same thing right? You'll have to listen to find out!


Episode 27


Amanda, Pete, and Dae return, guns a blazing, as they review Johnny Depp's new animated film Rango. Also covered included is a debate over the importance of big stars as voice actors and who we would cast instead of Johnny Depp as the lead.


Episode 26

Hall Pass

We're back with a new format! Join Pete and Amanda as they discuss the new Farrelly Brothers movie, Hall Pass and discuss their favorite Farrelly Brothers movies!


Episode 25

Unleash the Beast!

In another blast from the past, the crew is hit with a barrage of bad film as they discuss Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, Quarantine, and Alone in the Dark. But fear not! Jim finally saw Role Models and Yes Man so there is some light in the darkness.


Episode 24

F U!

We are podcasting! We! We! Are Podcasting! We get our cheer on reviewing such quality films as Fired Up and Babylon A.D. while Jim brings back the classics with Punisher: Warzone and Wall. E.


Episode 23


Just in time for Halloween, we present another oldie from February where we discuss Friday the 13th, Halloween, Coraline and a whole host of other scary movies over the years.


Episode 22


Believe it or not, we're still recording! Here is the first of many backlogged shows where we take on the likes of Taken, Push, and a whole slew of others while Jim explains the intricacies of popping popcorn.


Episode 21

Dong on a Cross

We are back again! Coming at you with a fresh-after-viewing review of Watchmen. Also included are second reviews for Sexdrive, Underworld: Rise of the Werewolves and The Rundown. Jim's top 4 girls of cinema also included for some bonus material. So sit back and enjoy some porn for your ears!


Episode 20

Fat Burning Dance Party

This week we get a females point of view on movies. Also she completely puts Pete and Jim in their place.

Reviews: Ink Heart, The Mummy 3: Blah blah the Blah blah, Underworld 3: Rise of the Blah's, Good Luck Chuck, Frost/Nixon, Meet the Robinsons, Return to House on Haunted Hill and a classic action movie: Bridget Jones Diary.


Episode 19

A Band of Brews

First special guest podcast! Are you as excited as we are? I know i am! This week we review Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Defiance, Max Payne (update), Dan in Real Life, Southland Tales, Dragon Wars! and Shred. This will be as good as a Tuna and Jelly sandwich. Seriously, i love tuna and jelly sandwiches!


Episode 18

Plato the Inventor

OMG...2 weeks in a row! we must be back on track!

This week: Transporter 3, Punisher Warzone, Fred Claus, Hamlet 2 and Mr. Woodcock.

For you collectors out there this is the last podcast with the funnyman for a few episodes


Episode 17

6 D*cks

We are back! Another podcast has been created for your amusement. Now this cast will be presented in full STEREO SOUND!

Like every other podcast before it. This week we discuss Twilight, Four Christmas's and Jim's usual older films that everyone else but Jim has seen already. Enjoy.


Episode 16

I Digress

movies: 007: Quantum of Solace, Wall-E, Pineapple Express (revisited), Clone Wars (revisited), The King Of Kong

News: X-men: First Class, Nutty Professor 3, Meet the Parents 3 aka Little Focker


Episode 15

Slime On Your Head

Movies: Role Models, X-Files 2, The Onion Movie, Madagascar 2, RocknRolla.

News: Wonder Woman, Conan Re-Make, Monopoly the movie, Karate Kid re-make disastrous news.


Episode 14

Cha Ching

Movies: The Ruins, Funny Games, W

In news: Fanboys, The Avengers signings, 80's movie re-make news, American Pie theatrical release?


Episode 13

Eat My Shit

Movies: Get Smart, Speed Racer, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, and Max Payne

The boys discover the new Waynes brother and then discuss the troubles of elderly people watching porn with the whipper snappers. After that is some very lame movie news. Enjoy!


Episode 12

Face Pumping Jaws

Movies: Body of Lies, The Strangers, Teeth, & Kung-Fu Panda

Dan wants to issue an apology for the heavy breathing...his microphone is now acting dumb. In news, Iron Man 2, Green Lantern Movie Rumor, Jonah Hex , Lethal Weapon 5, and Debunking of previous news.


Episode 11


Movies: Appaloosa, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, The Happening, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, & The Incredible Hulk

News: Johnny Depp salary rumors, Alice in Wonderland casting news, Entourage news, rumors on a Scorsese & Deniro reunion


Episode 10

I Like To Go

Movies: Righteous Kill, Eagle Eye, and Love Guru.

This episode, someone gets a slight case of gas right off the bat and then the guys take their discussion of the movies to the next level and try to find out what's with Al Pacino's wardrobe. The crew also gets a visit from yet, another cousin to a well known star. In news, MORE Spider-Man 4 news and Johnny Depp casting news.


Episode 9

Sound FX guys

Movie: Burn After Reading, My Best Friend's Girl, Ghost Town

In this newest session of cinema seers, the crew starts off strong only to have the majority of the cast carried on Pete's shoulders. Also in news, the guys show off their new sound FX and their plans on using them in the future. In news, Spider-man the musical, Unbreakable 2 rumor, and Beverly Hill Ninja 2 news.


Episode 8

Crazy Dude!

Movies: The Forbidden Kingdom, Baby Mama, Son of Rambow, Blind Dating

An infection of laziness invades 2 members of the crew resulting in an all DVD review episode. During ramblings, Dan reveals his deepest darkest fear only to have Pete and Jim turn it into the greatest comic book idea ever! Discussed in news; movie watching on, Win $10,000.00 from Netflix, Avengers rumor, and some DVD release dates.


Episode 7


Welcome back! After taking an unexpected break from the life of cinema, the crew is back bringing what would probably be the worst ensemble of movies ever to be discussed in the same podcast. To name a few, Prom Night, August, Traitor, and many more! Also discussed in news is Spider-man 4, Watchmen, and Ghostbusters 3.


Episode 6

Hamlet 2

A major case of ADHD infects the gang while Pete reviews 'Hamlet 2' and 'Death Race'. Also, Dan gets to the root of his anger towards Dennis Quaid and then reviews 'Before The Devil Knows You're Dead' and reflects how it reminds him of his own life situations. Discussed in the news this week is Superman Reboot, Halloween 2...2, and featured films viewings on youtube.


Episode 5

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Nerd ALERT! An all-out nerd fest breaks out when the crew discusses the latest addition to the Star Wars universe, The Clone Wars. A Tropic Thunder review points out just how much Hollywood acts like a "retard". Also discussed: House Bunny, The Rocker, 21, Doomsday, and some Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince news.


Episode 4

Pineapple Express

Week 4 brings a new flavor to the podcast where all 3 members have seen 3 different films. Pete discusses his disappointment in 'Pineapple Express' as well as in movies he's seen as of late. Dan briefly discusses his viewing of 'The Wackness', and Jim finds 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' simply "enjoyable". Also discussed: 'Smart People', the Saw 5 poster, and the new Nightmare on Elm Street rumor.


Episode 3

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

In episode 3, this triple threat of fun, explores Hollywood’s biggest surprise of the year; ‘Lost Boy: The Tribe’ and the massive affect it will have on the films for years to come! Also discussed Vantage Point, Swing Vote, Lost Boys 3, Goonies 2, American Teen, Dan’s lack of mathematical ability, a special segment from Jim, and the avalanche of fans the cast has had in the last 2 weeks!


Episode 2

Step Brothers

At the cast's second attempt of movie related hilarity, Pete and Dan review 'Step Brothers' while Jim idly speculates how the film would affect his immediate livelihood. The crew also takes a peek into the deep dark hole of movie news, discussing X-men Origins: Wolverine, Anchorman 2, Harold and Kumar 3, and the harsh decision the MPAA dealt to writer/director Kevin Smith’s new project Zack and Miri Make a Porno.


Episode 1

The Dark Knight

In this first look into the adventures of these courageous movie goers, Jim, Pete, and Dan delve into a barrage of hefty topics. Our fearsome threesome take a long hard look at 'The Dark Knight' with SPOILERS, as well hitting on parental views of the film. Also disgussed are topical news in the film industry such as ‘The Boondock Saints 2’ plot, The ‘Watchmen’ trailer, and a brief look at the flicks coming to theaters in the next few weeks.